• 2020-now
    Permanent CNRS Researcher (CRCN)
    CosmoStat Laboratory, UMR AIM/CEA Paris-Saclay/CNRS/Université Paris-Saclay/Université Paris Cité, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  • 2018-2020
    BCCP Computational Data Science Fellow & FODA Fellow
    University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA
    • Advisor: Prof. Uroš Seljak
  • 2015-2018
    Postdoctoral reasearcher
    McWilliams Center for Cosmology, Department of Physics, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
    • Advisor: Prof. Rachel Mandelbaum


  • 2012-2015
    Ph.D. in Astrophysics: Sparse Reconstruction of Dark Matter Mass Maps from Weak Gravitational Lensing
    Université Paris-Saclay, CEA Paris-Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
    • Advisor: Jean-Luc Starck
  • 2011-2012
    Master 2 Research - Fundamental Physics
    Université Paris 11, Orsay, France
    • Specialization Nuclei Particles Astrophysics Cosmology (NPAC)
  • 2010-2011
    Master 2 Research - Fundamental and Applied Mathematics
    Université Paul Verlaine, Metz, France
    • Joint diploma with Supélec degree
  • 2008-2011
    Supélec Engineer Diploma
    Supélec, Campus Gif-sur-Yvette, and Metz (3rd year), France
    • Electrical Engineering degree from one of France's top Grandes Ecoles

Selected Roles in Scientific Collaborations

  • 2022-now
    Co-lead of the Bayesian Pipelines Topical Team of the LSST Dark Energy Sciency Collaboration
  • 2022-now
    Hack/Sprint co-coordinator for the LSST Dark Energy Sciency Collaboration
    • Organization of DESC hack days and hack weeks.
  • 2021
    Chair of the LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration Council
    • Chaired over the ratification of the LSST DESC Speakers Bureau, the LSST DESC Software Policy, and significant amendments to the LSST DESC Publication and Membership Policies.
  • 2020-2022
    Co-convener of the Weak Lensing Working Group of the LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration

Selected Workshops and Meetings Organization